What is an Electronic Underwriting?

Electronic underwriting is nothing more than complete accurate legible loan application and getting immediate loan approval from Fennie Mae, Freddie Mac for any of the lenders.  The sooner you will use an electronic underwriting for a loan approve, sooner you put yourself in a position you want to be which is called a task based position. Once you have a loan approve it give you a list of things you need to found the loan. That list of things is your job at that point. Everyday is gone day without a loan approve than you might be speculating, promising something you cannot deliver or the deal it’s not going to close. A good loan officer goes as soon as possible to electronic underwriting to know what can be done. If your are hired by nationwide company you can do loans out of the country.

Why people are doing a business with you from out of a state?

  1. I found them, I know he needs to borrow
  2. I added a value
  3. I sold myself
  4. I got a commitment
  5. I make a nuts a borrower to do business with anybody else than me!

It’s a lucrative business than is easy to get into. A lot of people are going into the business for wrong reasons. 82% of loan officer don’t return phone calls. TIt’s easy to be good in this business.

It takes 4 hours from saying Yes.

  • In 1,5h take the application.  I can plant seeds, express confidence throgh relationship. Build a report.
  • 1,5 h hour for lots of little tasks (emailing, updating, you should speak to your borrower at least twice a week). Offense and defense (getting a loan closed)
  • 1h @ closing, how much they have to bring on closing, when/where they can pay first payment. You can lose your deals in a million different reasons.

Secrets Of Success as a Loan Officer

  1. Speak to more people about borrowing money
  2. Solve problems

2 Type of loans

  • Good loans – income, credit, collateral, compensating factors, cash to close, a committed borrower
  • Bad Loans – all other loans



Everybody wants bets rates, of course every they do. They deserve best rates that’s available for their circumstances.

There is only one way to get best rates on a fixed rate loan. To get a loan on a Fannie may/Freddie mac. Its not coming from bonds,


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